Mom, Dad, Star Trek and birthday parties

My mom and Grandma are somewhere in the Caribbean on Royal Caribbean Cruiseline drinking the wine my sister and I bought them and trekking around in their bathing suits. Monday they come home, YEAH.

Last week I said I’d go to a friend’s house for her daughter’s birthday. I completely forgot about my daughter duty when mom’s not home. I made my excuse for lack of spacial time memory. Now today I’m off to check on my dad. I had the secret promise all week to see Star Trek with him.

In elementary school, at 3 PM I’d walk in the door and join my dad in the living room. We didn’t watch cartoons. It was the daily viewing of all 78 episodes of the 1960s Star Trek. I still have the memorized. He took me to movies and I don’t remember much of the first 3 movies, but I do remember thinking Kahn had boobs like a girl in the 80s flick. I can’t watch the movie without blinking at the breast plate the man is wearing. It trips me out. I was that young and confused at the time. My favorite Star Trek movie was always Star Trek 4. Comedy and saving the whales! Then Star Trek was reborn almost with Next Gen, DS9, Voyager and even Enterprise. (Enterprise has a bad rep, but I enjoyed the last season the most until the final episode.)

I’ve been to Star Trek conventions and took my dad to one to meet Leonard Nimoy. I’m a good Star Trek daughter, lol. So now after I finish typing this up, it’s off to see the next new movie. In a way I’m unhappy with this alternate reality Star Trek. It’s darker and less positive. It’s a typical movie complete with darker imagery, possible bleakness to end of the world nonsense. Gene Roddenbury kept his show under his control to keep his positive future in tact. I love him for that. The eternal optimist in me believes in human ingenuity to fix the problems we face. Someone will figure something out and we’ll face the next threat.

As a writer the whole dystopian future is expected, all the time. But as a Trekkie and daughter of a Trekkie, ehh not everything is Star Wars. (Not starting fan war. I love those movies too!) So I’m off now. Fingers crossed this movie is good. I’m taking my dad, so I hope he likes it too. We do consider the new movies AU anyhow.

The first movie introduced me to my favorite hottie actor, Chris Hemsworth. He died two minutes into the film, but those blue eyes were memorable. Took me one second to recognize him as Thor and can’t wait for those movies to cycle again. (I will discuss the Marvel universe in a later post and what it was like to be the only female in the comic book store growing up.)