Monday and reality


Yesterday did not go as planned either. I ended up shopping with my dear husband. We had fun. He bought pants. I bought art. All in all it was a good day.

One day I’m going to get the stay at home and do nothing pajama party, but it wasn’t to be this weekend.

Next weekend I’ll be at the Florida Romance Writers conference. We’re having a dinner cruise Friday night. Then Saturday it’s conference time. So I’ll sure next week I’ll be thankful to be at work and in routine.

Right now though I wish I had a nice cup of tea, a seat at the table and the ability to do nothing but read google news.

At least at work we are finally back to normal schedule. So I’ll settle in and get more things done. Last week we had extra work as the schedule was different. For the day job I teach duel enrollment students but last week there was no college classes for the students. This mean that they spend more time with us. Today i can get copies made, fill out paperwork and be ready in a more reasonable amount of time. So life should be great.

However again, I still wish I had that time with just quietness and a spot of tea. You can tell I’m from New England with this wish. I love coffee too, but tea settles me down in a different way. One day I’ll get to have these things again and it’s going to be great.