Monday Blog Hop: Four Questions about My Writing Process

Every Monday authors blog about their own writing process, using a standard format and answering the same questions.  This is definitely a multi-genre hop; there have been mystery, paranormal, young adult, and romance. Follow the links to “meet” more writers….

Thanks to Alyssa Maxwell for tagging me in the hop last week.

If you’re a reader of science fiction romance or contemporary romance, Then here is the backstory of the works.

What am I working on?

Book four of the Collins Brothers, Liam’s story. Sean’s story is released April 30th. Sean is super rich CFO of his father’s company now, but when he was divorcing his now dead first wife, he worked as a teacher. Then he was fired because he was diagnosed with cancer. All of that is back story, but it affected all the brothers. And Sean is fine now. He’s a single dad. He beat cancer. And he has a new lease on life. Raising his son is the most important thing in his life, and so is his family.

Then he decides to fire the principal who fired him. It’s not like he needed the money, but that was low. But he didn’t expect that his high school sweetheart who dumped him then disappeared for ten years now worked as a French teacher. And Sean is volunteering to help save her class trip and joining her. Chaperoning Paris comes out April 30th. Borrowing the Doctor is Collin’s oldest brother, Daniel. Daniel is a doctor and I always call it my Taming of the Shrew Story. Daniel, the staid doctor, is about to fall in love with Kate Sparrow, a fashion icon’s daughter with a bad reputation. The third brother Gerard comes out later in the year. He has a righteous anger and became his reason to be a lawyer. Electing Love is how love gets Gerard at the exact wrong moment of his life, but in the end he’ll be happy with Nicole. So book four is halfway done. Liam is my CIA agent. So it’s totally more romance, action and adventure.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My voice. I’ve been told I tell stories in a fun way. And my writing reflects my bouncing personality. Every story is different. The Zoastra Affair was the what would you do if someone stole your life and body question? Very sci fi. Chaperoning Paris is my most emotional story. Daniel’s story was just fun to write a good girl who everyone thinks is bad news, so she acts accordingly to survive and my first dig into a bit of a mystery to solve. Electing love was fun to go back into my head into my Boston politics upbringing and write an election cycle. Liam’s story is fun as it’s straight CIA mission with romance. Mything the Throne comes out this year as well and it brings me back to Antigone’s story of Ancient Greece, and I call it the alternative version where she lives. (I had an editor tell me to edit out the incest background. Clearly she has not read classic myths for a retelling.) And Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush are a series set in Miami, my current home, about six friends who are now all becoming an adults and falling in love.

 Why do I write what I do?

I can’t not write. Even during my wedding process, I hide away to write a little. So as a result, my mind needs to wander. So I write stories that would entertain me. And my interests are varied, liked my writing. There is contemporaries and the more fantastical elements like the Zoastra Affair. It’s just fun.

 How does my writing process work?

With every story, how comes differently. I set out to write one at a time. And I carve away a few hours every day to get writing done. I miss that and can’t wait for the schedule. But I’m not complaining… wedding planning is FUN. I am most fresh in the morning, so I try to write then. But at night, I’m dedicated. It’s like when you come home and have to do homework from school. To me that’s the writing process. It’s constant homework to fill the page, but I enjoy it at some point. Then I hate writing, but finish anyhow. Then I love it again when I’m fixing it. Then I hate it when I’m editing. But to me the process is daily activity.

Oh and I love WriteWay to write my first draft on. I found it during Nanowrimo one year, and stuck to it.

Guess that’s the end.

Thanks for reading this and hanging out with me a few minutes. Be sure to check out visit Kristin Wallace, author of Marry Me, who is also blogging today. Alyssa Maxwell hit us both.  Then next week in this game of tag, please visit my soulie author sisters (Soulies are Soul Mate Authors). Deanna R Adams, soulie author of Peggy Sue Got Pregnant. (Rock and Roll.) And my other soulie sister, Tina Susedik, author of Riding with Love (Western Romance). Both of these women are excellent.