Monday Morning Adventure

Monday when it's storming

So I was lucky today. My husband and I drive together on Monday. We went outside in the thunderstorm and he told me to wait inside as he went to get the car. Woot, woot. I’m so lucky. I am not running beside him this early in the morning with all my work gear (and his too.) He left me with his back pack and off he went into the rain.

This reminded me in part to those horrible days I had to trudge to work in snow storms. There was no getting around some parts of the day when the snow was as tall as your legs.

But you are saving your vacation time to something enjoyable.

So I hold together and march.

Today once the car arrived for me I hopped in and was pretty dry.

The car ride was no big deal, but again adventures of the past where the weather is against you played in my head. Work isn’t like a school day. The radio won’t suddenly tell you to go home. On September 11th, I remember sitting in my high rise job in Boston and my boss wasn’t there yet. I was so scared. No one knew what was going on. The boss said we had to take personal time if we wanted to leave. At least at that moment, the fire alarms went off in the building and we were told to evacuate. No one knew how many planes were in the air still. The planes that hit New York left from Boston. They could attack anywhere. I ran as fast I could to the train to catch the last train out. People were crying. On the street as I ran home to my parents, I heard about the Pentagon. That moment wasn’t weather related, but again that ‘go to work’ mentality is so American.

Once my husband brought me to work, he handed me an umbrella and I darted out. Today wasn’t that bad and no rewards are necessary.

I’m sure one of my heroines though, they will face weather related danger again. I loved writing the opening of Winter Peril where Erica’s car died in a blizzard. Those memories come into play. Perhaps one day I’ll get someone stuck in a thunderstorm (though that might not be enough for the guy to let you in his house…. perhaps a hurricane is better though anyone that goes out into one of those is an idiot UNLESS I somehow have a very good reason.

Hope your trip to work Monday was fine, though adventure is always kind of fun!