Monthly Romance Writers Meeting for me it’s FRW


Any good writer cannot live in a bubble. I’m sure even George RR Martin who everyone knows I fan girl must have his people that he trusts with his novels.

I have my squad of Kristin Wallace (inspirational author), Sheena Snow (YA author), Rossie Cortes (PR executive and will be published thriller writer), and Kimberly Gonzales (A historical writer with more experience than me.) I met my squad at the Florida Romance Writers meeting and we had a few things in common… one being our address; we’re all in the 305 area code. Our address being in Miami Dade and our love for writing helped us form our squad where we get together as much as we can.

Our local chapter of RWA covers many counties and covers a wide geographic region.

So this weekend I’m going to the local FRW meeting to show my face and to meet new people, say hello to other writers in the area and apparently today we’re doing critiques. So I might hear new voices that I don’t already know.

If you are a writer or thinking about writing, I absolutely recommend going to a local chapter of the genre you write or the closest one you can. Meeting other writers, getting career advice, sharing information on publishing, and so much more is worth it’s weight in your career.

Our chapter was started by the amazing Heather Graham, our founding mother and she’ll be on our biannual cruise conference, Cruise with Your Muse. If you want to meet her and join a great conference in 2017, I highly recommend going. (Conferences are another topic but I love those too!)

Do not go to the chapters expecting to find people who will read your work. This comes with making connections and building trust and rapport. If your open to understanding the business of writing and meeting people then attending a meeting and putting yourself out there is paramount.

In a few hours I’ll get dressed and head out the door.
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