Someone called me with great new about accomplishing the long term goal. This made me so happy. He worked so hard to get everything he wanted, and boom, he achieved. I love hearing stories like that.

As adults we tend to fall asleep believing we have enough time. We can get to it later. Years roll by and some things are never accomplished. Other things stepped in the way that at the time seem more pressing and important.

Yet the truth is we let that nonsense get in the way, and when we forget our dreams, we let a little part of ourselves down.

Wow I sound wise. At the whopping age of 25, I had this huge midlife crisis that hits most people much later. By age 30 everything settled down, and suddenly I realized what I wanted. How funny. All that energy and time wasted.

Doesn’t matter though. My Great Grandma lived till she was over 100. I have time. But now it’s not going to get in the way again.

Can life throw curves? Sure. It’s how we deal with them that makes them just obstacles to overcome.

Can life turn out even better than we planned? Absolutely. But that’s not under direct control. That’s where the whole faith thing that life works out comes into play.

In case the readers of my blog haven’t noticed, Victoria Pinder when left alone is still a big old optimist. And that’s just how it is.

Hugs. And be good to yourself.