Depression. young attractive woman with an awful migraine

I don’t know how your week was, but mine was fast and eventful. I almost lost a finger with the ancient paper slicer still existing in schools today. My finger nail saved my finger. And the tetanus shot. This hurts worse than the finger. I’m stressed, and need to write and go to the Florida Writer’s Meeting. I’m sure I will have a good time with my fellow writers.


I love this picture of this woman. This is my goal this morning. If I can be peaceful and mediate, everything else will work out. Yes, this girl has what I want…calm, cool, collected.


This awesome view is what I woke up to every morning of my teen years. I had bay windows in the old statue factory turned condo building in Charlestown, Mass. No buildings stopped me from seeing the Boston skyline. Charlestown growing up was proud to be Irish. Crime and bad things happen there too, but talk about a sense of community. You don’t quit on people or forget them. So to remember my Irish roots, I joined the Celtic Hearts Romance Writers this week. I’m excited for this, and backstory for one of my heroes is now Irish guy originally from the Boston area. I might never have dated an Irish guy in my life (too much like my dad perhaps), but I do know my culture.

Oh and off topic, yes my mother named me Victoria which earned me pitying looks from every Irish person I ever met. Mom isn’t from Boston. Dad is. And I grew up Irish Catholic.

Miami beach

Speaking of men I do date, pretty boys galore exist in my new home Miami. But I can break a pretty boy as I’m independent and have my own things. I’ve not bothered with this in a while, but maybe I’ll hit the beach next weekend. It would be nice to relax with the ocean. Medication I’m on makes me hypersensitive to light, due to finger injury. But everything will work out and be amazing in the long run. I have faith.

Now onto the writers meeting today. It’s in Fort Lauderdale and the presentation today is from editors and making the writing better. Goodness knows I can write, but editing is what I need more and more off. So happy Saturday all.