New book and in personal life engaged

In December the Zoastra Affair comes out. I’ve been posting wish pictures on facebook on the book, for a while now. Here is a recap of the six wishes so far that the book is successful.

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And life is funny sometimes. First I was excited about my contracts and I am. I have a few books coming out and 2014 is looking amazing for the writing career. But suddenly something happened over the summer because my personal fate changed too. I’m now engaged to an awesome guy. He’s the best.

I met him over the summer. The truth is I almost didn’t go meet him. I told a friend of mine I wasn’t going to go. I cancelled the first date last minute when I came down with a horrible cold in the middle of summer. He assumed I wasn’t interested, but I really was sick. Then when I met him, bam, everything changed in my life. It had been a LONG time since I met a man I liked. And this guy has it all. He’s smart, polite, positive, and a great person.

And while I might be a romance writer at heart, he’s so different from me. He preasked what I would say if asked, before he had the ring. Then he had his mother send him a ring. So it was more wait for the mail for him to ask.

Finally he had the ring, but someone he was close too was in the hospital. We spent the weekend there. Monday morning came and I went to work as usual. Then after work, he waited for me with the ring. How could I say no? He’s amazing.

So forgive me for not updating my blog for a while. I wanted to take my time and prepare my father. He had met him before hand, so at least there was a meeting. But still, I was nervous about my dad. I’m his daughter, and the one he’ll argue with the most. We talk everyday, but I didn’t update because I wanted to tell him in person. Mission accomplished Sunday.

So now it’s wedding planning time. Logical order thinking tells me to pick the venue. We met with the priest Oct 26th. I have requests out for a hall that I find out step one tomorrow. Keep prayers up that this goes well. If it’s a no, I have a few places to go check out in person for the hall.

Then there is a dress and a million other things.

The topic of the blog till June will likely be preparing for a wedding.

Until I met my fiance, I believed in love. Heck I write romance novels, but I stopped preparing myself for anyone in my life. Now I’m in my 30s and feared being too set in my ways. But I’m open now and excited.

Dad’s in and talked to the priest for me too. So I hope all goes well at the Catholic Church. If not, or some other Churches are okay in my book. But I grew up Catholic and it would be nice to stay with tradition a bit. The reception will be fun and including funky things.

Talk to you later!!! Always stay positive because life can be amazing if we are open.









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