New Car days for this author

One day I will own a Jeep Wrangler. It’s a beautiful car. Black. I will drive that thing everywhere.

This is the dream car for me.

However finances come into play when it’s time to make a new purchase. For the day job I’m a school teacher. Yes, super exciting, big bucks there. I heard the Governor of our state in Florida promised a 2500 raise, but we won’t be getting that till June 2014. Right before election… I’ll take my bribe. Thanks legislature! Oh wait that’s 13 months from now. Sigh no one teaches expecting riches.

Now, you are here likely because you know I’m a writer. Woot. Woot. I sold books to publishers slated to come out this year. I have to stay focused on that goal.

But I need to say goodbye to Snow White, my 2003 Chevy Cavalier. I broke the shifter because I spilled coffee on the old girl. And yes you let the rains outside in the driver’s window, so I often came home soaked. But my butt was never wet. I kept a stuffed pig in there to sit on for the rides to stay dry. And sometimes I saved you during the bad storms when I put plastic bags on the window. My baby girl was a trooper. She took her slugs and kept going strong. And I will miss this car.

Why? You were awesome on gas and the repair bill was never insane, and Snow White kept me honest. No pretense for this girl in Miami and you know what, I didn’t care. She took me where I wanted to be and people can judge me based on the person they meet. Superficial car people can find another girl who might care. I want to write not impress people driving.

So I shopped for weeks before I knew I had to turn my baby in. The trade in value wasn’t nearly enough to represent all the things we went through. Girl brought me home, night after night.

With student loan drama, I’m not spending the crazy money on that Jeep of my dreams. I have to pay the evil overload known as Sallie Mae. If those 1920s gangsters want my eternal goodwill, someone burning up those documents I signed when I was young and stupid would make me a happy girl. Or if I can return the degree to sender, I’m in. Take that paper back. Wow I ranted. Let’s get back to car talk.

Anyhow after 12 hours of test driving and two weeks of constant shopping and more test driving, I am now a new owner of a 2010 Chevy Cobalt. The windows close. And the price was affordable.  New girl in the lot doesn’t have a name yet. We just met. She might even be a boy. My first car was Napoleon. My Kia was high ho silver. Then Snow White. Now the new girl hasn’t shared her name yet, but it’s coming.

(Oh and when someone asks me why not a Honda, my answer is always the same. My dad’s father was killed in World War Two when the Japanese bombed the ship in the South Seas. Dad would never speak to me again if I betrayed him, and that’s not worth it. History matters in my family.)

So I hope this new girl lasts a long time. Now I’m behind on my word count today and it needs to be done.