New Job and edits and stress

You’ll notice I stopped blogging recently. I do apologize, but the truth is I started a new job. New jobs take time to adjust. I’ve a new schedule, new traffic patterns, etc. Then I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed I’m easily upset more lately. It’s strange, but little things suddenly are bigger deals for no reason.

Plus once again, I’m editing. I’m sure I’ll love the end result, but add this to new job stress… EEK!

So that’s where I am. But the funny thing is that I know I am in a great place. I cannot complain about much as I’m doing what I want and I have a great new job. It’s all just about adjusting to the changes that are amazing and awesome. So the stress will die down.

Plus I am starting to gain traction with writing. I’m looking forward to 2014. What can be bad? So this whole thing means I’m being a whiner and it’s stupid of me.

So anyhow it’s now Sunday on a three day weekend. I’m editing. But last night I went out with fabulous people, saw a live band, and joked with friends. I so needed it. Taking myself seriously is what brings me down and I can’t wait to be done with editing. Imagining new things is always FUN for me.

So talk to you soon. Sorry I’ve been MIA. And I will be back with more bubbly posts!!!

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