New Mom and learning how to not google everything

If my daughter moans when she stretches, for the first week my eyes were wide open and I was ready to go pick her up and hold her. I’ve now realized she likes to make sounds when she stretches but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to be fed and she wants to rest some more. In fact my daughter makes noises even when she’s sleeping. I don’t know where that expression ‘sleep like a baby’ comes from because as an adult I tend to think sleep equals beautiful silence.

Anyhow now that I’m a mom for two months now, I see how my life has changed but I’ve kept parts of me too.

First a friend was amazed that I was ‘out’ at a critique session when her friends all have separation anxiety. My daughter has a great father so she and he will be fine for the three hours in the afternoon. I guess this comes from trust and the willingness to share the responsibilities. I cannot imagine this journey alone. My hats are off to all the single moms and I’m amazed at that. Partnership makes my transition to new mom possible.

The hardest part of these two months was my incessant ‘let’s google’ every change. I can pick up my phone and type in whatever’s happening and get the answer. However this ‘googling’ sometimes makes me forget common sense. For instance if the baby is sleeping in the living room but you are tired and want to sleep in your own bed… you don’t need google. Pick her up and don’t be afraid to tuck her into her own ‘bed.’ A second instance, if you need a shower and the baby is sleeping, GO for it. The fact I googled ‘how long to babies nap?’ for both of these common sense things tells you I worried too much. So my advice to any new mom, don’t be afraid to trust what you know is right. Second guessing yourself over simple things is creating a stress we don’t need. We already have too much. Trust yourself.