I’m so excited I finally heard that Mything the Throne comes out on Friday. So no marketing plan is in place as I had no idea the release date. On the other side, this baby has always been a work of my heart. I can’t wait for everyone to read or have the opportunity to read my version of Antigone.


I had so many rejections for the ‘incest’ backstory. In case you don’t know the myth of Oedipus and Antigone. Oedipus is the ancient greek King of Thebes who accidentally killed his own father and married his mother. In the Greek Myth, Oedipus’ father, Laertes, was told at his son’s birth that Oedipus would do this. So he takes his infant son out to the forest and leaves him to die. (I know… nice dad.) Then the King of Argos and his wife find the boy and raise him as their own. Oedipus is then told as an adult his curse and he tells who he believes his parents are that he’s leaving as he’d never hurt them. Laertes tries to run him down in the street and Oedipus mows him down in a horrible car like collision of the ancient world. Laertes is dead. Oedipus then goes to Thebes where there is a curse. Whoever can solve the sphinx’s curse gets to marry the queen and be the king. Oedipus ‘wins.’ He’s the hero. He marries the queen and has four children. Antigone is one of his daughters. Years later what happened is revealed and everyone finds out Oedipus did kill his father and marry his mother. The mother kills herself. Oedipus blinds himself and wanders into the forest to die. This is all ancient Greek myth stuff.

In the Sophocles play, Antigone also gets a horrible, tragic fate. But in actual greek mythology from partial works we know at the time this story we all read about was not the most popular version of the play. There are many stories where Antigone gets to live and thrive. When I discovered this, I decided to write my own take on this ancient myth.

It’s told in first person, from Antigone’s POV. Personally I love this story and I cannot wait for people to get the opportunity to read it!