New Years Eve


I hope you have plans. Mine are pretty boring but I need rest more than anything else these days. So my husband and I are staying home.We’ll watch the ball drop on tv if I’m able to stay up. Last year we started 2015 in a nice restaurant where there were samba dancers, belly dancers, flamenco dancers. We ate out with friends and that would have been how we started 2016. This year we chose to stay home. It’s good and peaceful. I’m happy with the choice. The less pushing and shoving of a crowd is better for me.

With 2016 I have a lot of plans already. It’s going to be life changing. It’s going to be epic and great.

With writing I’ll get more books written and published.

With the rest of it, well there is a huge element of faith. Everything will be fine. Nothing can stay the same and we have to go with the flow. I’m happy this is the major shakeup and how I’m starting 2016. Everything is going to be great. With this mantra and faith, what better way to ring in the New Year.

I hope your New Year is great and that you’re making big declarations.