So those covers in October were super fun and your votes mattered to me. A few of the covers that won surprised me. But I have to say two covers really captured my imagination to write. One will be in a series with the cover you saw and come out next year. I’m so excited. That idea has been brewing in my mind which is why there was radio silence.

But this other won also rushed in my mind. So thank you for voting. I’m skipping the finalist round because these two stories already started for me. I hope you enjoy!!!

Esha spent all morning imagining my coffee cup in my hand in the morning, complete with the whip cream. My morning routine to get out of my small apartment with no kitchen was a daze.

Until now. The streets lights were still on. Here I was, in front of Rebel Coffee, the closest thing to heaven.

The smell of roasted coffee was in the air and in a few minutes, I’d have a few moments of bliss that nothing else but sipping that cup brought me.

Coffee shouldn’t be so exciting, but I’ve not had a boyfriend in over a year and random encounters weren’t what they were cracked up to be.

And besides bliss in a cup offered a small amount of sweet in the day and my grandmother always said if you start your day with something sweet then the day would be sweet.

One day I’d like for that to be true. Either way I lined up to place my order, with ten people in front of me. But I’d wait and imagine the result as the barristas were always fast.

But the door opened behind me and I flipped my dark hair behind my neck and a smile grew on my face. Today was better than yesterday already because out of the millions of people in New York that buzzed around at all hours, the next person in line was one of my best friends, Naomi. We hugged but didn’t say much.

She’d need her coffee shot too.

I made it to the front and was about to order when this slick, all American guy, in a suit clearly designed for his muscular line backer type walked in. The cashier batted her eyes and took his credit card to swipe as another barrista made him a drink without a word.

Steam came out of my ears or would have like in those cartoons. Everyone else swooned but I crossed my arms and said,  “Excuse me, you just cut me in line.”

He winked at me and that wink must make ladies panties just fall off. Luckily I wore control top as he said, “Look pay for sweetheart’s, whatever she’s ordered.”

My fingers curled and I pointed behind me, to Naomi and the others behind us and I said, “That’s not the point. There is a line.”

He took his drink and his card and waved at me, “Have a good day.”

“Jerk.” I said but I wanted to scream out asshole, if I swore in public, but seriously entitled rich guys like that shouldn’t get to waltz into the one place that made me happy.

The blonde, excited barista said with a smile, “At least you get a free drink. What is it you want?”

She’d have more of a shot with expensive suit line backers than I ever would. Guys like him never noticed me, but she’s right. I get something today. I licked my lips and glanced at the menu when I said, “Oh I want the largest most expensive latte now.”

She typed into her register and I moved to the waiting area for ordered drinks, like a civilized person.

Naomi came beside me and soon I had my drink in my hands. This should be my moment of bliss, but all I could think about was that man’s wink. I either wanted to hit him or kiss him, which I never would. And it should be the first option as he stole this slice of paradise on a cold gloomy day from me. 

At least I’d never see him again.

Next Sunday Part 2