Packing for a Cruise Conference

It’s finally time. Yesterday I washed my clothes. Today I’ll decide what to wear on a cruise that is also my chapter’s conference. Overall this conference is cheaper than RWA Nationals for me, and if you want to get to know agents and editors, spend every day and night with them as we experience the high dining and relaxation of a cruise.

Tomorrow I have to print out and finalize my handout for the pre-pitch workshop. Thursday I’ll walk around and ask a few chapter mates to sit with the new people who have never pitched so we have someone with experience so the pitches go from good to great.  My hand outs are just a guide, so no worries. Then for a breakfast, Kristin Wallace and I are cosponsoring a meet and greet where we will talk about how we started with small publishers. For prizes I have a few bottles of wine to give away.

Then I have to hit up the ATM so I can buy a session or two with someone to do one on one things like marketing advice and website advice. (Do you like the new front page and how clean it is now? I will work on a new banner with my head shot being more prominent, but what do you think now? This means I need to get a good head shot of myself taken.)

This cruise conference was the inspiration for Borrowing the Doctor, so when I imagined the ship that Kate and Daniel are on, I closed my eyes and remembered the Liberty of the Sea. So who knows what the ocean and Cozumel might inspire this time.

I still need to decide my clothes, but for gifts for this breakfast, I have books, a few bottles of wine, critiques, blurbs, etc. Where does one buy raffle tickets? That is probably necessary. Hmm…  Fingers crossed Party City has them.

So much work, but it will be so much fun too. My entire critique group will be there (unlike Kimberly who took her daughter to girl scouts this week instead of bring her pages, which is forgivable.)  Oh and I still need to pick my Floridian Idol piece and I’m the one collecting them at registration. First come first serve with that.

Hope everyone is well and I’ll post after my birthday, which is also on this conference cruise.