First I want to take a moment for what happened in Paris last night. I had no idea anything was going on as I drove for an hour to my critique group. When I saw they were watching television, I knew something had happened. Something bad. My mind reeled to 9/11 and how I was in a Boston high rise, when the flights had left Boston and killed my coworkers in New York. (We were the same office.) I was scared and twenty years old. When they closed our building 18 minutes after the second flight hit the Twin Towers and said no high rises are safe… I ran. I had 10 minutes to make the last train across town. At least I had my cell phone. No one knew what was happening. So when I saw terrorists attacks in Paris, the sensation of being afraid and scared came back. There are no words to describe how sorry I am for what happened over there and my heart and prayers are there today.

Life continues for me. I’m on deadline for my novel, Mything the Throne. It’s creeping up on me fast. So I have to work on that today. If you are on Periscope or thinking about getting Periscope, I have to say I’m playing ‘surprise the author’ at the FRW meeting today. I’ll be finding people and asking the author three questions about their book. We will see how author’s are on live video feed. It’s going to be FUN! 9 AM, EST, but if you follow me on there, Victoria Pinder, you can always watch the videos when you get home….

Last thing I want to ask today. I need to keep Stormy Peril, Winter Peril’s sequel on the hot list over at kindle Scout. If you can please support my Thunderclap and spread the word about this novel. The link is Thunderclap allows everyone to post automatically on their social media all in one day so it seems like a bigger deal. Please take the moment and sign up with your Facebook, twitter or tumblr to help me out.

Virtual hugs.