Paris for my book and wedding planning

It’s not good that in the middle of planning my summer theme ‘Garden Wedding’ concept, my book Chaperoning Paris gets edited. I keep having ideas of making the theme like my book. Perhaps give out Eiffel Towers at the wedding. However it doesn’t quite fit.

And I have to come up with table names and a theme to get people to their table. I want to play a song that way people know it’s their table. So far famous movie couples makes the most sense. They would have a song to match, which would be cute.

In the middle of all this thought, I’m humming French music and thinking about French cuisine. I can’t make it to Paris from Miami over the weekend, but somehow can I convince the fiance to take me to Disneyworld? Somehow Disney costs an easy $1000 everytime someone goes, so it’s probably not going to happen. But I can dream. Though most of the dreams swing right back to the wedding. I see an idea on Pinterest and suddenly I’m like I can do that.

Where does one buy/rent lighted trees to put on the stage and how about flower garland? I checked out Michael’s. But I’m really wanting my mother with me. (She’s as always busy with her own life though.) And at least she has scheduled the dress with the seamstress to get a bustle. In the future, I’m thinking I could write a historical and talk about the different bustles of the period. Could be fun. First thing I ever wrote was to be a pirate story. Talk about young and bad writing though.

In the meantime, contemporaries are here and I do love the Collins brothers. They were so much fun to write. Three out of four come out this year and the last brother is a WIP.

Who are they?

The four brothers in order of age are Daniel, Sean, Gerard and Liam. In order of books, Sean comes first. And all four brothers were in the Marines though they are mega rich. The family has money and lives on the Cape. I stole the setting from the Kennedys in real life, but the boys are nothing like the JFK or Bobby. But I grew up in Boston, so to me they were the dead royal family we had. Sean is a CEO. Daniel is a doctor. Gerard is a lawyer. And Liam is a CIA agent. What’s in common is that they are all about to fall in love with different women.

Sean’s first because unlike the others he has a history with Gigi. They dated as children, so they already knew each other. And unlike the others, Sean’s had the hardest life, though his brothers would disagree.

Can’t wait till April 30th for you to see that.

In the meantime my head is full of flowers and not visits to Notre Dame. I have my own real life fairy tale to figure out. And unlike most people on pinterest, I never thought about my wedding in my life. Thank goodness others do as there are such good ideas on there. I just wish book couples had soundtracks. It would make finding songs to announce dinner for the table so much easier. I love books. But then who doesn’t?

Anyhow next week I’m in a blog hop, so I’ll be answering questions then tagging others. Can’t wait!

Oh and if you have a suggestion for musical accompanying the table calling, I’m all ears!!! Leave a message. Fun songs that announce your table’s dinner.