Photo Shoot Day aka My personal D-Day

Photo Shoot

Today is my personal day where I have picked out 3 dresses and I have booked not one but two photo shoots. I must say groupon is the best thing when it comes to finding photographers. I don’t know any and I like to control the prices if I can.

Yesterday I had my hair cut and blow dried. So the hair is done. I have a morning appointment for makeup before the photoshoots.

Why am I doing this? It’s for this website. I can no longer use selfies as the me shots. It’s time to be professional. 2016 will be an amazing year and I’m working on this web site to make sure everything is great. This mean it’s time for me to look and appear professional. If you poke around the website you can see how I’m already in the midst changing everything. I now have to go through and change the personal stuff about me. This includes how professional I look.

Selfies have been great as my go to and my iPhone has kept me online until now. I’ll still take them and add them to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where I often spend too much time. But now let’s hope the professionals make me look amazing and professional as I need them to be.

When I have pictures, I’ll post. I hope to have some for tomorrow, but we shall see. Perhaps the photographers need time to make me look amazing.

Oh last thing. I will not be taking any books for my photoshoot. The shoot is not for promoting one book. It’s for promoting me and my multitudes of books. Nora Roberts/JD Robb has over 200 books. Her website is just her. This is my goal. The photos will be just me.

Wish me luck!