Pitch Opportunity with Entangled Editor

Are you are a member of Savvy Authors? April and August are the pitch months, and I’ve volunteered to help my fellow authors find agents and editors. It’s going to be an exciting month.


Kerri-Leigh Grady, Entangled

April 10th blog

Kerri is looking to fill her 2014 calendar. She’s really interested in romantic comedies for any line and historical romances for Scandalous, Edge, or Select. She’d also love to get her hands on some Old West and Regency romances, romantic thrillers (supernatural elements are a bonus), f/f novellas, smart romantic comedies, and post-apocalyptic romance. She’s also open to smart, strong, funny heroines and the men who can go toe-to-toe with them in the category lines. She’d like to see smart Covets, but she prefers stories with very limited critter counts (i.e. one or _maybe_ two paranormal species per world). And she would squee hard if she got a Covet featuring any trope at all and a sexy nerd angel. Or two. Ahem.

A 2- or 3- sentence pitch with the first 100 words.


5.       Kerri-Leigh Grady loves to sink into happily-ever-after tales and blow-up-all-the-things tales, especially when her testosterone-loaded house has hit its monthly limit of athletic socks and slapstick. She holds an MFA from Seton Hill University and a BS in computer science. She’s a nerd with an unnatural love of dark humor, gadgets, chickpeas, and ATS bellydancing. When the zombie apocalypse happens, she’s likely to be patient zero. If you see her bite someone, grab your water and head for your bunker.