Are you are a member of Savvy Authors? April and August are the pitch months, and I’ve volunteered to help my fellow authors find agents and editors. It’s going to be an exciting month.

I don’t publish with Silver. Not my genre for writing. I know Lisa personally, and she’s a fabulous person to know. I read how the company restructured and the new business plans sound long term and solid. If I wrote this area, I know Lisa would be an amazing person to work with. This is all I will say.

Lisa Manual, Silver Publishing

April 23rd for a one-day blog

3.       The genre or a blurb of what you’re looking for? Silver Publishing/Silver Stream Press is primarily looking for m/m stories right now, but in all genres including sweet romance to general fiction, YA, paranormal and erotica

4.       How you want to see the pitch? “I look forward to reading your pitches! Please include two to three paragraphs including your story hook, a brief intro of your main characters and their conflicts, and don’t forget to include the story resolution – no open-ended synopses, please!”


Lisa Manual’s Bio, “I began my career in publishing in the 1980s as an assistant editor for a reference book publisher, Gale Research Company (now Gale-Cengage). Later, after my daughters were born, I worked for several years as a ghost writer (really just another term for intensive editor) for a biography/memoir publisher, Biography For Everyone. At the same time, I wrote and wrote, and joined the Romance Writers of America and the Florida Romance Writers. Under various pseudonyms, my publishing credits include nine historical romance novels and a soon-to-be-released mystery series. I signed on as an editor with Silver Publishing in 2010 and moved into acquisitions in January of last year, and discovered my passion, second only to my family and to my writing (ok, I guess that makes this my third passion; however, it’s a strong one): discovering talented new authors, as well as working with established authors to showcase their strongest talents and help make their work the best it can be.  I love my job and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”