Places to bring my husband and future child.

autumn moments

First I am finally ready to share some big news.


A girl is great news. Now I can hope she loves happy ever after stories and wants to talk about girl things. If she’s a tomboy who is into sports, clearly that’s the husband’s job. So it’s all up to the future daughter on what she wants to be like.

I’ve been thinking hard about places I loved but I won’t see in a long time. New Orleans and those delicious beignets came to mind. New Orleans represented to me at age 18 an escape from all I knew and a chance to go to college in a new place. While I loved my childhood in Boston, I felt constrained if I stayed in one place.

The Big Easy was nothing like Boston.

From the pic where i posted with my husband, we clearly don’t live there. We live in Miami.

Now that I have these thoughts in mind of family and what I want, I have to wonder what kind of place will be a safe place for my precious child. My parents moved to Boston to ensure I had a good education. I should do the same, but I’m unsure I could stomach a winter now that half of my life was away from the ice and snow.

New Orleans has a distinct smell in the air. It’s beyond the French Quarter. It’s a city that time forgot that sits on a river. The people there are modern, but the lifestyle has major throwbacks to different times. It’s not on my list of places to raise the little one.

Miami at least has the sense of familiar. I met my husband here. I have a good job.

But that sense to move pervades me these days. It might be the pregnancy. I want to find a place where my little girl grows up safe and secure while the values we instill in her at home are not directly challenged the moment she steps outside our door. Once she gets to be old enough, of course, she gets choices. But my job is to provide.

So I’m questioning what I should do. I guess this is normal thoughts. Where should I go that my baby will be good?