Plan of the day Eat Well but treat yourself


Today is New Years and we all want to eat healthy, go to the gym, take care of ourselves. We want to do these things everyday but I’m not going to lie Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream is delicious. When I’m feeling low, I want ice cream. Actually the truth is I could eat ice cream all the time and be super happy. However my body wouldn’t want that. (I love ice cream more than cake.)

So instead of the ice cream, I’ll eat fruit and whipped cream. It’s still yummy. It’s not my ice cream, but it’s good. It’s better for me. And I enjoy it when I eat it.

So why the pull towards the ice cream? How do they make it where I must have that above all others? What happened to my legendary will power? Well if I punish myself for the ice cream, then I’ll never get better.

It’s best to know the limits. Know who you are. Indulge once in a while. Once a week is still better than everyday.

The hardest thing I’m giving up this year is Starbucks. I’ll like my bank account more without the latte, but it’s so delicious.