Post New Year’s Giveaway and Letting go or forgiveness

Hello! I love participating in these awesome giveaways, and I’ve read a few of these books beyond my own… so this is an awesome opportunity to win an Amazon gift card of $5.
Two Weeks in Miami
In the middle of January and Victoria (the contemporary girl in me) is excited about her upcoming releases Two Weeks in Miami published from Covallis Press soon AND Returning for Valentine’s, a fun novella, available now.
Letting go:
I had a completely different topic to discuss online today, but I saw an opportunity when someone reached out to connect. Someone from the past who never liked me much. So instead of the boring topic, let’s talk about how we’re all human.
Back in school, I must have be competition to some, though the truth of the matter is no one is your competition. The only person who you need to prove yourself to is you. If a friend makes a million dollars selling novels and I don’t, I probably missed an opportunity and I better keep my eyes open for the next one. Good for that friend. Anyhow I know I used to be competitive with others, but it’s so stupid. I make my own life better or not, and no one else can ever make me happy, except me.
Competition is stupid. Proving yourself better than others only means you see the other as better than you. Better to prove yourself better to yourself.
My goals for 2013 are for myself and not to hurt others. I hope my friends make their goals too.
I had to learn to be happy and to be at peace with who I am and my purpose in the world.
2013 is the time to start a new, fresher life. So my question to the readers of this and to win the prize… Is there any old wound, even one trivial ones, that you want erased for the new year? Is there anything you can do to address the situation, make amends, and move on, healthier and happier? If you want to share, I’d love to hear. I’ll pray for you. (Might sound religious there, and while my books have sex in it, I do believe in the higher power too.) If you can’t share because the pain is eating at you, that sounds hard, just say hello and leave your name.
Anyhow I hope someone wins the money and likes the concepts. I love writing. And keep coming back for more! There is so much in the works right now.
Please click around.
Two Weeks in Miami has been referred to so often as an Officer and a Gentleman story and I’ve not seen that movie in twenty years. I’m planning on watching it soon.  Richard Gere stole my heart in Pretty Woman, so I might have channeled something from childhood. However I must add, when I think of Bobby, the hero, in my head, he’s Daniel Craig‘s James Bond. How hot is Craig in those movies?!? He’s older than me, but that’s a man whose allowed to come home with me (If he didn’t have a wife which I think he now does… I don’t keep up on Hollywood
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5 thoughts on “Post New Year’s Giveaway and Letting go or forgiveness

  1. Happy New Year! Thanks for participating! I love your question that you asked. It is something new to think of as a question. I really wish that I could help my relatives heal their wounds about things said and done that constantly cause friction with my family being the middle (neutral) party. I am beginning to think that it may never be resolved and I need to stop worrying about it so much that it causes panic attacks and heartache. I am also so glad you mentioned the power of prayer for I truly believe that is a powerful tool that is often underused. A physical pain that I am hoping gets healed before my wedding in April 2013 is that I broke both of my ankles last week and its a very different lifestyle change. I worry I am being a burden and that I may have ruined my upcoming wedding. It’s all in God’s hands though and I believe everything will work out fine.

    Thank you so much! I will pray for your continued success in the upcoming year as well!


    ashwayvpa (at) aim (dot) com

    1. I dont know why but it said I posted this on Jan 7 at 2:26 am. I did not. I just posted it at 9:27 Jan 6th eastern standard time.

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