Pregnancy at 35 weeks (and other news)

So no one told me that in the end of pregnancy, you start getting cramps, like all the time. At first I thought it was my baby kicking harder than before, which I could understand. But I spoke to the doctor on Thursday and he explained the feeling probably isn’t the baby kicking me all the time. It’s probably my body preparing itself for labor.

My mother always told me labor would be fine for the women in our family. She has repeatedly said that our bodies are made to do this and to be relaxed. I remember mom’s advice as well as listen to my meditation mantras for pregnancy I downloaded off Amazon. So hopefully it’s enough to keep me strong.

I’ve also discovered that nesting isn’t just about cleaning the house. For me, It’s about putting everything together. My husband is super smart in math and science stuff, but I find I don’t want him to put things together. I want to put everything together and set up everything for the baby. I limit my projects to one a day. So far some examples of my work is that I put the bassinet together, the pack n play, the swing, the bouncer and the changing station together.

I also threw out one dresser that was recalled by IKEA and replaced my dresser with a non baby killing one. (The MALM from IKEA is recalled for that very reason and IKEA will come and take it away for you as well as refund you.)

Then there is the kitchen, bathroom and storage places to hold the baby stuff. All in all, despite how my stomach constantly cramps in a strange but not painful contraction, it’s time to get things done.

My daughter without a name yet will be here soon. (Everyone who has asked me ‘what’s the baby’s name’ gets the same answer ‘we’re still deciding.’) I found out pretty early on that people like to give opinions when it’s not their decision and with the name. Yet it’s not anyone else’s choice except my husband and I’s. So the truth is we have a name all picked out and ready to go. We’re just not sharing and in person we will continue with the “we’re still deciding” answer until delivery date. There are some things that are private in the family stuff, and I found naming my child to be one of them. Opinions can be for other things, but not for this.

Quick writing news. I put a new book out as coming soon, Secret Crush. Go and check out the book I will release in September, post baby.