PreNew Years


So today is the day to reflect on 2015 and all that entailed. 2016 is going to have major changes that you didn’t expect. We always start off by claiming 2016 as a great year and what we are going to do that is different. So tomorrow’s post is about resolutions. Today is about 2015 and remembering the good. (The bad needs to be forgotten and left out of any future plans.)

For me 2015 was great. We moved to the beach. My writing began to truly get a foothold in the market. I visited places that I never dreamed I’d go, or that Congress clearly doesn’t think I should have visited. Seeing the world is always a good thing and I met family and made new friends. I kept writing a part of my life for 2015 and it was almost easier than 2014 (the wedding and all that drama that comes with being a bride.)

Life became calmer and more rich. I truly enjoyed simply being married, living on the beach, and taking things as they come. If anyone knows me you know that I’m pretty fiesty and in the Chinese calendar I’m a Dragon, so this doesn’t always come with being a calm person. I still had my determination. The day of the building explosion where I couldn’t actually go home with my husband, I still went to my critique group. I didn’t throw in the towel, but on the whole, I push myself far more than anyone else ever does and the move to be relax was perfect for me.

I hope you’re taking today to reflect on all the good that 2015 brought you. Tomorrow’s the day we make resolutions and talk about what we want for the future. Today is all the good things. Hope all is well with everyone and talk tomorrow.