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Growing up I read tons of Harlequin books. They were like my monthly secret pleasure. My parents really had know idea what I was reading or they just liked I was reading. However I totally devoured all books about royalty and I always wanted to write a series about a foreign prince.

I also loved the Billionaire romances which is where I clearly first started and the baby stories where someone didn’t tell the prince or billionaire that they secretly had a child. (This totally explains why I wrote Secret Baby in the House of Morgan series first.)



So alot of the food, flavors and background story about the Church that Roman family that built where Mary supposedly made it snow… this is a real place and a real church.

So I figured out where I wanted to put the European princes and now I needed a reason why hot guys just need to get married without having the girl be pregnant. (3 pregnant women from 3 princes just seemed irresponsible, at least to me.)

So I needed a better reason so the law that all royal and nobles must marry or lose their inheritance just struck a code inside my heart.

And how would these men find love in the modern era? How do I get royal princes with normal girls? Well match-making in the 21st century takes place not through some random person but from online sources.

Cassidy, the IT department who created the program doesn’t get her own book until Forbidden Earl, but she set up the princes with their royal loves.

Oh and the whole Russian’s took the country over for a while just meant I could say that the princes all grew up abroad and who doesn’t love an English accent for men? Honestly when I wrote the first three

books they were all not only brothers but the stories intertwined. So anyone who hasn’t read them all kind of misses clues on who the bad guy is that’s out to destroy Avce and why.

But once I finished the romantic suspense element, I thought I was going to be done with this series. But then I realized I created a foreign land, had a great law about nobility where hot guys needed to

marry and honestly I never revealed anything about the computer program.

So Forbidden Duke came next because I always wanted to have my spin on a story where the girl’s heart is broken and she goes on a wonderful Italian holiday, but instead of finding herself like she intends, well she finds a sexy noble who must marry. Then in Forbidden Earl I wrote about the woman who helped all the nobles

find romance and adventure. However she thinks for her the computer program must be wrong. There is absolutely no way the man she grew up with and spent her entire life knowing was her true love. He always had other women and never blinked at her.

Plus I’m running two more giveaways at the end of the month.

If you want to win a necklace that a woman who is unpretentious and doesn’t care at all about jewels wears in the book, then please enter my Forbidden Duke Contest.

And then for Cassidy, I’m running the Forbidden Earl giveaway, where the jewels chosen to me are some of the prettiest I’ve offered yet. So please enter both and help me spread the word. I’m currently writing a different book right now and have something else planned next, but I

have the next book in this series already planned in my head. If i have time to write the 6th book in the saga before giving birth, I absolutely will. I love writing about rich, titled, sexy men who must marry and how they find love. I hope you do too and enjoy the continuation of this series while the boxed set for the first three books is now out!

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I’ll be back to talk about the House of Morgan soon, but I hope the royal tales entertain you as I certainly love writing them.