Winter Peril

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Life for Erica Mira couldn’t be more perfect. She’s a successful businesswoman, has plenty of friends, and loves her life in Florida. When an opportunity to explore an old factory in snowy Maine presents itself, she eagerly accepts, figuring the trip is worth the temporary inconvenience. But no sooner does she arrive before she meets the unexpected.

A snow storm leaves her stranded in the middle of nowhere. Desperate to survive, she braves the elements and makes her way to a nearby chalet, inhabited by a handsome man who has his own nightmare storm to brave…but unlike Erica’s, his storm aims to destroy anything and everything that gets in its way, including her.

Can they survive the danger that lurks in the house?

Victoria Pinder’s Winter Peril is a gripping romantic suspense novel written in the tradition of the best traditional gothic romances that will keep you guessing until the very last page!