Professional Banner

Now to make a professionalbanner

Now it’s time to make a professional website banner. I’ve taken photos. However I don’t have the professional eye of a designer. So now it’s time to find a designer and get that banner whipped into shape.

No more selfies for pictures.

It’s the end of an era for me. Now I’m all professional, all the time. (Well as much as I can be. Don’t always expect me to be serious.)

Today is more boring and simple day. I’ll be at home. I don’t know if I can write yet. I go visit the doctors in the morning. (Nothing serious that anyone can catch.) Then it’s off to talk to my mom. So writing will come back probably with the new year though I can try to sneak in words. I was excited to see my word count was actually 1/2 done with the next in the series I’m calling icy peril. So I’ll get that done in time for winter which was always the goal.

Before that though it’s time to carve out time with the husband and family. We’re lucky we get the same time off. So we want to enjoy the time. Next week will be here too soon.

I hope everyone is having a great day and talk to you tomorrow.