When scars run deep on both the inside and the outside, beauty is difficult to find.

After a devastating accident that leaves her completely scarred, Skyler Anderson’s confidence is shot and her faith is shaken. How can anyone love her when she looks like a monster? How can she love herself when God Himself has abandoned her? As such, she begins to push away friends in family, erecting shields around herself to keep her from pain. Instead of softness, she will embody cold steel. She already looks like a monster, why not act like one as well?

When she is forced by her well-meaning boyfriend to attend a party at the skating rink she expects to be miserable. She believes she will be shunned and stared at, and she’s right. Until she meets Elizabeth, a young girl at the rink. Elizabeth has the audacity to stare at her without shame and then call her beautiful. Skyler immediately dismisses this as a cruel lie and wants to go back to her home where she can hide in her isolated misery. Except she doesn’t. She hangs out with Elizabeth after Elizabeth’s sister shuns her. And with that comes the realization that beauty is more than skin deep.

If Skyler is ever going to move on, she needs want to move on instead of wallow. With the help of her new friend, she starts to believe that beauty can be seen even in destruction and that Skyler herself has never been more beautiful.

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