Bash and Holly aren’t looking for love, but fate and cupcakes quickly change their plans.

Sebastian Titus has no time for love. He’s married to his billion-dollar tech firm. Unfortunately, his little sister has a real marriage just days away and his hectic schedule may cause him to disappoint her if he shows up without the one thing he promised her—cupcakes!

Holly Walsh bakes love into every ounce of her sugary confections. Too bad she can’t seem to do the same when it comes to men. But running New York’s most popular bakery doesn’t give her time to pine for Mr. Right. That is until he shows up at her pastry counter demanding cupcakes for his sister’s wedding.

Sparks fly when these two are forced to work together. Billionaire baking lessons and a fake wedding date later, they soon realize that if they can put aside their stubborn workaholic ways, they may find something sweeter than dessert waiting for them.

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