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I swore I was done with Kindle Scout. Readers of my blog know about my experience winning and then losing with the sequel. (I cannot complain about the sales of the sequel and the higher percent I get so there is a great side to losing and to winning.)

Anyhow I sat on this story for a while now and I’m still unsure what I want to do with my YA dystopian novel where in the future we are plunged into another medieval time period, complete with a war between two kings. I am half done with the sequel, where Gwen goes on the quest, and still I had no marketing plans.

With my new contemporary romance series I have a plan. They will be released later in the year, close together in time where I can build and still work on getting the next book out there. My newsletter is being transitioned to really be of help with contemporary romances. I’m excited for the next venture there.

But another part of my brain grew up in science fiction and fantasy. I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan. I want Jon Snow to be the ultimate ruler or at least the hero. I loved Star Wars and Star Trek growing up. I read comic books before it was cool for a girl to be in the store. (I was the only girl there every Wednesday and I remember the protests a woman’s group made to the term ‘rack comics’ and how the store owners asked me my opinion.) So I have this long standing sci-fi base.

I always loved the stories of knights and quests and honor. What I always hated about the Arthurian legends was the whole love triangle where the heroine really didn’t get much of a say. So in my story book one it’s Thor and Gwen. (Book two is the intro to Lance.) I wanted to set up a world where history and legends repeat though this time it’s told through the eyes of the heroine. So I reset Camelot into a post nuclear future. These characters have never left me. I love weaving together story, so much so that I went in a direction I didn’t intend. So this brings me back to the third time where I ask you to vote for my novel in Kindle Scout. They were amazing to me with Winter Peril, so I’d like to see if they want my YA Dystopian and if the markets are different with the backing of a major publisher. Who knows. I might be inspired to continue more if I had help so that’s the plan this month. As of the 28th, my book is 1 out of 151 novels listed who are all trying for the same thing. Wish me luck and please help and go vote.

So please go and vote here: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/3TPHGCQWRZ7HH.