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Knights, Kings, Queens

As you know I am not afraid of the crowd. Because I won Kindle Scout with Winter Peril, I received a nice rejection on why they didn’t buy Stormy Peril. (Basically the themes were too similar.) The stories are different. So I’m excited that it’s coming out January 7th, so you can preorder it now.

Read and leave a review now

Read and leave a review now

Also I tried my hand at writing a Young Adult Dystopian. I always loved the legend of King Arthur. I read the stories of knights growing up. So I wanted to make that story into a young adult. It’s King Arthur meets Divergent. I totally love this story. So once again I need your help to win, but this time you get to read the entire novel and then leave a review. The more reviews I have the better my chances January 31st.

The description is:

Her blood test comes back that she has the queen gene. The world already has two kings fighting for the crown. The last she ever wanted was to be part of the war that is tearing everyone and everything apart. Her father sold her to King Thor and clearly chose his side. She has no time to react as Thor barges in. The moment her father dies, she becomes numb. Her life is over and she goes with Thor back to his home, though she never intends to stay.

Gwen now has to decide to change everything about herself and become Thor’s queen or she can find a way to escape her fate. If she doesn’t pick a side in the war though then more people die. The other girl with the queen gene gets kidnapped from Thor’s castle, and Gwen sets off on a quest with Thor to get the other girl back. Her decision can change everything.

So please go and read the story now. If you enjoy it then leave a review. Your review helps me win the contract. Please go to https://www.swoonreads.com/m/queen-uncovered-4/