This week I’ll start with being a mom. Long time people on the blog will remember I started this whole thing as a single girl without any boyfriend and no children. So it’s been a wild ride and I think of you often as my unseen friends. So I hope you stick around for a long time more! Life is always changing. I moved a few states. Laws are different everywhere. The bad mom in me still doesn’t even know where to buy wine, again. In Florida wine and beer are at the super market. In Denver I needed to got a liquor store as I found out when I headed to a party intending to bring a bottle and failed that mission. In Pennsylvania I think and only think as I’m not sure but the government runs the stores so they are profiting directly while regulating and upping the price. Wine and beer are sold in separate stores and so far I’ve only found the beer place where my beer is 30% more expensive than Florida or Denver. When I do find the wine store, will it also be 30% more expensive? Liquor laws are strange and it’s not a crime to enjoy a glass once in a while. Now I do have alcoholics in my family but I always advocate moderation. Banning anything doesn’t teach proper use. It leads to overindulging. And once a month or so, having a glass while making time with the husband is not a bad thing. To me it’s pretty good to have some date nights, even if you can’t actually go out. And if you’re interested in my tips on keeping the romance alive in marriage with children, you can get my free PDF with tips. 
Maybe I am thinking about that all the time because I write romances. And next week’s book is the reforming a bad boy book. He broke Sheena’s heart and then tried to break up her new marriage back in Forbidden Count. Now he’s told who his true love is and he sends for her, not believing in love but wanting the money to let his adopted mother retire. He was not expecting Sandi or fireworks. Next week I’ll talk more about that.

And last one of the Lipstick outlaw books is now out! I hope you go and check it out!!! I read this book and can totally recommend.

Sandi Smith’s just be sold to a billionaire noble, but she refuses, until the charming bad boy half prince changes her mind.

Sandi Smith’s parents are not the best entrepreneurs. Their losing money fast and her friends disappeared just as fast. The trip to Paris to check on an investment seemed strange and when she arrives she finds out her parents promised her hand in marriage to the royal half prince. She’s absolutely not going to let her dreams go in a business deal.

Charles Esposito was given Sandi’s name as his one true love by the local matchmaker, his half sister. To prove her and everyone in Avce wrong, he sends for the American girl. He expected she’d refuse or rather hoped. However meeting her set that plan on fire. Now he’s interested, but he knows he’s no prince in a fairy tale meant for happily-ever-after.

Can Sandi’s refusal help tame this bad boy prince?

Find out what happens in this modern day Pride and Prejudice meets Cinderella’s Ever After romance!

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When six musicians come together to form an all-girl country band, The Sweethearts of Country Music are born. But can they balance their musical worlds with their personal lives?

C.C. DeVera plays to the beat of her own drum. As the percussionist for the Lipstick Outlaws, she prefers to stay out of the spotlight, safe in the shadows of her band mates. C.C.’s not one to make waves, but when her family wants to set her up on yet another disastrous blind date—for her sister’s wedding, no less—she finally puts her foot down.

And tells a little white lie. That she already has a date.

Dalton Gregory’s job on the crew is a challenge, but he loves life on the road with the Outlaws. His little crush on the band’s beautiful drummer makes the long hours even more worth it. There’s something about C.C. that makes his palms sweat, and his heart pound out its own rhythm.

Then, C.C.’s family shows up at one of their gigs, wanting to meet her new mystery man. After she pulls Dalton into the act, things quickly get out of hand. It’s a mad scramble to keep up the charade, but what happens when their fake relationship starts to edge its way into reality?

Can they both set aside their fears and admit they’re not pretending anymore?

The Sweethearts of Country Music series includes six books by six different authors. Each novel features a member of the band as she struggles to balance music and love.