Release Day for Forbidden Prince and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

I’m so excited today is RELEASE Day. Marcus and Renee were one of the harder books for me to write to be honest. It was probably because alot of her beginning of the story took place during Kristin and Antonio’s. I tried to write a novel six months later BUT I hated it. It was one of the few times I said ‘no, this isn’t working.’ I trashed those weeks of worth and went back to basics. I reread Kristin and Antonio’s story taking notes of Marcus and Renee. Then I started a new novel that took place at the same time, though what was happening was different. The Renee I remembered suddenly bloomed back to life, so yes at the beginning there is crossover. However their story veers in a different direction after the wedding of the first couple. Suddenly I liked writing Renee and Marcus’ story. It flowed out of me again and I could write. So finally you can read the story that wanted to be told.

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Marcus Aussa is bound by duty to find a bride. The task should be easy enough for the handsome prince, but finding the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with is vastly different from what he’s accustomed to. But when his oldest brother welcomes his new bride and her friend to Avce, Marcus thinks he may have found the perfect woman.

When Renee Brown agrees to escort her best friend on a trip to Avce, she knows it will be the experience of a lifetime. Her theory proves true when she meets Marcus, the crown prince’s handsome younger brother. What begins as innocent flirty turns into a whirlwind summer fling, and she’s okay with that. But their short time together draws them closer than expected – so close that known assassin’s target both. As the danger increases, Marcus’ protective nature takes hold. Now, neither can imagine their lives without the other.

When their time together comes to an end, will they welcome the distance or will they do whatever it takes to be together forever?

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