I’m so excited! It’s here! Release Day for Valentine Pets and Kisses 2!

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This collection of novels is sure to tickle your fancy! Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and romance. (And my birthday week. Sorry Aquarius squirrel moment.) I don’t know about you and how you plan on celebrating the day we remember love, but I’ll probably be changing diapers, cleaning the house and getting home from work… I know how sad!

However I know I love to curl up and read stories with a happy-ever-after as it gets me through my own day. And this boxed set has it all. Fun pets that help people fall in love and on Valentine’s Day. I know my story features a dog which is funny because all my life I’ve been a cat person. Other stories definitely feature my furry friends the cat.

My story needed to feature a dog, this time! One day I’ll find a cool cat to help a hero and heroine as cats often get a bad rep for only caring about themselves. This lie is spread by dog lovers who just don’t get the complication of a cat. So I’ll get on that story! Right now though I think I always wanted to have a dog, but it never happened. Growing up my dad was a firm ‘only a cat in this house’ and I remember a neighbor being afraid of my Nana’s massive dog to the point they called animal control everyday simple because the dog drooled as it slept outside on the step. (Nana= Irish Grandmother) So I dug into my deep memories of a dog I used to ride as my horse and brought out my dog lover side for this tale.

Anyhow i hope you enjoy the entire collection and it’s only 99¢ for now!