I’m so excited Secret Match is finally here… Release days are super fun. I promise to get back on track with my running blog about Jennifer’s misdeeds soon, BUT I needed to focus on the books and getting myself back in gear with book releases.

However in a few weeks, I’ll be back to my regular schedule after the holidays. (Kicking the writing butt into gear again was mental work that I need to be sure of and then I put blog posts back on the menu.) However if you’re missing Jennifer’s misdeeds, check this book out. She’s going to show up and interrupt all in her one quest to win Peter Morgan. Kiwi and Gio’s romance needs to survive Jennifer too.

But at the heart of the book, it’s still a romance… so I hope you enjoy this newest addition to the House of Morgan.

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Kiwi Washington’s one night in Paris left her pregnant, but she had no idea the man of the evening was about to become her boss.

Giorgio Morgan created a global brand of men’s suits that earns higher prestige until his half sister starts her own fashion company. He’s determined to stop the American interlopers and the women’s fashion empire being formed, but when he flies to Miami, he instantly recognizes the head shoe designer as a previous one night stand.

Kiwi Washington left her high-paying accounting job to follow her shoe passion. Leaving her safety net of security to follow her dreams of creativity took all she had, and she absolutely wasn’t looking for romance. But she’s forced out of her comfort zone when her boss mergers with her one night stand.

With Kiwi clearly carrying his child, Giorgio will merge with the company and take what’s his. But can the two bridge their very different worlds…or will their differences keep them apart?

This story is an odd duck and a Billionaire love story with tons of family drama only found in the House of Morgan.