So I was given an opportunity to write a sequel in 2017 for my book, Favorite Coffee, Favorite Mistake but it has to be Wyatt and Sandra’s story. I WANTED to write this story years ago. Once I finish my next Morgan book, I’m going to take a small break from the Morgans and visit their cousins to write the story.

The truth is I received my rights back in 2016 to Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush, but I was knee deep in writing my Morgans that I just had no time to write Sandy and Wyatt. When someone specifically said, ‘write a story that has a wedding as a major plot.’ And I thought ‘heck yes!’ Penny and Jay are getting married and it will be up to Wyatt and Sandra to stop more of Kate’s machinations. I can’t wait to dive into the story and take a small mental break as i formulate book six of the House of Morgan.

In my own life, romance must always remain important. I wish my husband and I were invited to a wedding so I could watch and dance with him. We could find someone to watch our daughter for a night. Finding time to spend alone is pretty next to impossible, and I’m not complaining. A few hours alone though with no responsibility… this sounds sweet. And I’m just in the beginning stages with an amazing daughter.

So in 2017 I have quite a few full load of novels to write as well as watch my daughter grow and sneak one-on-one time with the husband. A few years ago, I never could have imagined this life. Now it’s so amazing and I’m getting that grateful feeling that’s bubbling forth again. So it’s off to write another romance time.