Romance, Shopping, Painting and then home

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Yesterday was quite eventful for me. I had no writing done, but once in a while it’s good to step back, not write and just be with others. This was my amazing yesterday.

So first step, I went to the Florida Romance Writers meeting. With no meeting in July and the writers group going on a field trip of sorts in August, I felt I don’t have many meetings left to attend before I have my little one to plan for as a priority. It was time to go to a meeting. The topic was How to be a Private Investigator. Honestly it wasn’t the topic but the people that interested me. Law school teaches criminal law and so does my short volunteer stint at the Public Defender’s office years ago. I became a teacher and an author almost to prove to myself that good exists in the world, so when it’s topics like ‘gypsy crimes’ ‘stalking’ ‘restraining orders’ or ‘dead bodies’ I generally tune out.

For my baby though I received some amazing presents from a few of my friends there. Heidi Lynn Anderson and Rita Cohl are both awesome people, even if we don’t write anything alike. And while at the meeting, I was once again nominated for the Sunshine award.

Sunshine Nominee

These are my fellow nominees who are also my friends, Kristin Wallace and Rossie Cortes. (Heidi is in the middle as the President.) I voted for Kristin as I nominated her in the first place and she won. The sunshine award is given to the member who volunteers and really gives their time and energy to the Florida Romance Writers community. Kristin Wallace is amazing and I’m so happy she won. YEAH!

Once the meeting was over, it was time to go to Sheena Snow’s bridal shower. She was having a painting party, but we had no present in our hand. We had decided as a group to go in and get her something bigger. So before we can head to the party, we headed to the mall. (This is where I ate something for lunch. FINALLY. The pregnant baby inside me was jumping around, ready for food.)

From shopping it was time to go to the painting party/bridal shower for Sheena. We had our present in hand now. Demi Alex beat us there, but she wasn’t in the shopping excursion. Kim Gonzales came in clutch with the wrapping paper and the idea for the present in the first place.painting party bridal

Now it was time to paint. I’ve never claimed to be a visual artist. I like words. I use words daily. Sheena’s first love was painting though and it was her day. So we painted. I tried my hardest.

my art

It was compared to ‘The Scream.’ I looked up Edvard Munch, the painter. He used his paintings to reflect psychological states. I guess this means the storm represents the darkness that can come as well as the desolate rocks, and that our safety we cling to is an illusion. This state I was in must have started with the morning lecture on dead bodies. The light I added for the sun is mostly hidden but still there. This and the flowers represent that color can still dawn. See I thought about my painting too much!

Best part when I came home my husband said ‘we have to hang this on the wall.’ He’s sweet and we ate at 8 PM when we finally saw each other. Dinner was delicious. I can’t wait to share world views with the little one as well as anything we can do.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.