Romancing the real life move

Romance while moving

Long time readers of my blog know last summer my husband and I moved to the beach. This move is likely a contributor to my current pregnant state. We both being by the beach. It’s calming and honestly I need the ocean to keep me calm at times. (Anyone who knows me in real life also knows I can run hot and cold with my emotional state.)

So now that the baby is coming, we look around our small but fun place at the beach and wonder ‘where is the baby going to fit?’

We have so many balls in the air already, but the question has been burning.

So we are just starting our search for a place. We might have to leave the beach. We might get to stay. We might end up in Nebraska or some place I’ve never been by the end of the year. (This would be because of my husband’s career.)

Life is absolutely uncertain and this can be scary.

But it’s also romantic. We’re starting our family. We’re a team. We’re building the life we want. We talk about these things all the time and keep each other calm through all the changes.

And I think that’s the romantic part of everything. A new baby, moving, weddings and all of these big changes can either drive people apart or bring people together. They key to this whole thing I think is sharing our hopes, fears and every detail while wanting the best.

I used to be super independent, I don’t need anyone but now it’s nice to have someone who has my back with me. I hope all readers don’t settle for less than someone who can be your closest ally. Looks fade but the connection where you build a life…. that’s the important stuff. I hope everyone has an amazing day.

We will continue to grow either way (and not just my physical belly at the moment.) Change is a part of everything.