Romancing Your Husband

So I was thinking about marriage and I don’t want to think about the baby. As women we get used to the occasional ‘romantic’ gesture and often times we take them for granted. So once in a while it’s nice to reverse course and let our husbands know we care about them as well. Perhaps romancing the husband is more to do with sharing in his interests and listening to his constant advice. It’s not as movie gesture famous like flowers and chocolates or spa certificates. So I thought I’d share my top ten list of ways to ‘romance the husband.’

  1. Put Gas in the car and don’t leave it up to him.
  2. Cook a nice dinner (though in my case it won’t work and the food will burn. He’ll end up cleaning up a mess unless I am absolutely perfect. Writing distracts me so it probably won’t happen.)
  3. Give him quiet time to do whatever he wants without interruption.
  4. Watch or do something together that he wants to do.
  5. Laugh at his jokes or the stories you’ve heard a million times already.
  6. Compliment him.
  7. Do something one-on-one together that you set up, like going on that walk to the beach or snorkeling or whatever fun date activity you did before you married.
  8. Keep him as your first best friend where you share everything without complaining. The positive attitude goes a long way.
  9. Ask for his opinion and don’t think you can do it all alone (though you can.)
  10. Most important is probably just trust in him and let him know how lucky he is that he has you.

I know today’s list might be old fashioned or silly or outdated, but romance continues on in new phases. I’m an old fashion girl in a modern woman’s attitude. So no the list will never say for me ‘netflix and chill.’ Romance is far more than just ‘the deed.’