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When I had my first child I spent a lot of time thinking, and dreaming, about what I wanted her to become when she grew up. As a new parent the world seemed full of limitless possibilities for this amazing creature that I had just brought into the world. I also knew from my own experience that sometimes the world has a way of squashing our dreams and putting road blocks in our way. For me my dream had always been to be a writer, to write romance novels specifically.

If you had known me when I was seventeen (and if you did, please do not share any photos…) you would have known that I was the girl in high school who was always carrying around a romance novel. My closest friends knew that I secretly aspired to become a romance novelist myself.

One day after our daughter was born, I was sitting in my incredibly boring 9-to-5 job I realized that if I wanted my children to chase their dreams and never give up, no matter what life threw at them then I needed to lead by example. I was a little terrified that my child would dream to do something amazing and be afraid to chase after it, or work for a little while and give up when things got hard.

I started writing again that very day. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. Even though my first child was only an infant I knew that I wanted to lead by example. That even if my dreams of being published never came true I wanted her to see that her mother never gave up and have that inspire her to do the same.

Having children doesn’t mean that the time of chasing your own dreams has come to an end. Becoming a parent isn’t a death sentence for your dreams, or an expiration date on them. Becoming a parent means that you are now leading by example for your own children.

When I signed my first publishing contract my children were the ones who cheered the loudest. When I was sitting back thinking, “This cannot be happening!”, they were cheering “We knew it would happen, Mom!”

No matter what your dream is, or what your children’s dreams are, no matter how farfetched, or unattainable they may seem always lead by example and inspire them to keep fighting for their dreams, too.

I hear so many parents say that now that they are a mom or a dad the time to think about themselves is over. I know where that sentiment comes from. Believe me, I do! I haven’t had a real haircut in six months, and every bit of the makeup that I own now lives in my teenage daughter’s bathroom. But that didn’t mean that my dream of publishing a romance novel was over, it was still there. When I started blogging at my website WriterMomBlog.com it rekindled my love for writing, for storytelling in general, and it wasn’t long after that before I was working on a new novel. That novel is available now from Amazon and everywhere else that e-books are sold.

Dreams do come true, they don’t have expiration dates, and they never run out of the ability to inspire someone else. And who is better to inspire than our own children?

Hiding-in-Plain-Sight-evernightpublishing-jayAheer2016-finalimageAngela Evans has been creating stories in her own imagination since she picked up her first book. In high school she remembers sneaking a copy of a romance novel off her mother’s book case and immediately fell in love with the story, the genre, and the idea of falling in love!

Angela is currently obsessed with the genre of romantic suspense. When she’s not writing new stories you can find her binge watching cop shows looking for inspiration for those creepy villains every suspense story needs.

Angela loves to hear from readers, so please visit her online at http://authorangelaevans.com, as well as on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/authorangelaevans) or Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/readangelaevans).
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