San Francisco and the West Coast Here I come

I grew up on the East Coast. I used to ride my bicycle to the Charlestown Navy Yard and sit on the docks to watch the ocean. I had my sailing license before my driver’s license. The cold, stormy, perilous Atlantic ocean and I know of each other. I wouldn’t say ‘know each other well’ because the ocean is tempestuous and might swallow a man’s ship down into the cold depths. A hurricane might show up and destroy anything in its path, but I’ve always been attracted to the wildness of the ocean. I find it fascinating and calming to have sea salt in the air I breathe.

Now I’ve been to Los Angeles. I’ve dipped my toes into the Pacific but I didn’t truly get the same feeling of home there. It might have been that it was LA or Anaheim. LA has a vibe much like Miami to me. I live in Miami. There is something about reveling in pretentious that happens in both places. Don’t get me wrong. I’d not live in Miami if I didn’t love it. The transient nature of both places affects the appearance, but once you dig deeper, there is culture. Miami is unique and there could be tons to say on that matter.

I’m hoping when I visit San Francisco I enjoy it more than I enjoyed LA. The rumor is that it’s more like Boston on the West Coast. As a native Bostonian I’m excited. It’s not that far off that I finally get to go see it. We’re also driving up to mountains out on the West Coast, and for this I’m also thrilled. Florida is so flat.

This means my rebranding the website will be slightly delayed, but I’m getting there. If I can find the plug in I want for the front page then this layout is almost perfect. Then I’ll move on to other marketing things. I have a checklist of things to do. Hope everyone here is well. Are you getting the New Years Resolutions ready?