Science Fiction Challenge and love of the dead Chick Lit

Today I visited an author friend, Nancy Cohen, at her booksigning. She’s a fabulous person, and I’d recommend her cozy mysteries or romance novels to anyone. And did I mention she’s optimistic and helpful? All the things a soon to be professionally published person looks up too. Now that I’ve raved on her, let’s talk about a bookstore. It’s been forever since I visited a small store full of books and readers. I go to Barnes and Noble, all the time. Independent bookstores often know more about what readers like me want.

So I walked with someday published friend Sheena and she immediately went to paranormal and young adult section. But me, I went to the romance and chick lit section. It’s been forever since I even saw one of these sections. Wow. And funny how they had so many books I read. Paranormal books are all black. I don’t wear black often, preferring color. Romance and chick lit books are pastel colors. Wearing my light green shirt, I came home. Chick lit books are usually about a woman who realized in her life she made a major mistake then goes about fixing her life. I stopped reading them when I saw too many socialite books with characters I couldn’t relate to. Kinsley’s Undomestic Goddess spoke to me years ago when I read it. I hated the practice of law. The character makes a massive legal mistake in her attorney role and runs off to take a job as a housekeeper who doesn’t know how to vacuum. While I know how to clean up, I related to the book. Did I want to spend the rest of my life working for some thankless job or did I dare change?
I dared to change, and I am happier for it.

Then in romance novels, the heroine mets up with sexy hero and love happens. Rock on. We’re all different. My sister loves time travel stories. Christine, my oldest friend in the world, wishes she was born in the Regency period of England. But me, I often relaxed reading a tale set in this time. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

But I’ve taken up a new challenge. I love science fiction movies, but gulp… owning the truth now… I read my dad’s books and my brothers loves of sci fi fantasy. I passed the daily quiz on what I was reading in Lord of the Rings and read Burroughs and Asimov, BUT I never related to the characters. It was a chore, not fun. Yet I love the visuals. So I’m going to read a few science fiction romance to see the differences. I don’t need romance in a story to relate, but it helps A LOT.