Second Trimester starts so I’m supposed to get energy back


I am not going to lie. For months now my work has slowed down. I’ve not finished a novel. I have three half done, but none done. I can’t edit. I can’t focus. For the first trimester, all I wanted to do was sleep. I skipped out on trips.

People asked me how i felt and I answered the truth: Tired.

The few that did know what was happening always said the same thing, ‘wait until you get sick.’ As that didn’t happen the story changed to ‘at least you are not sick.’ This does not make me feel better, FYI. Yes I know people have it worse. I’m not complaining, but sympathy for being tired, not being able to sleep, so I’m now more tired cycle would have been nice.

So my word counts were crazy low. I slept walked through the day, but the one light people tell me: in the second trimester, you’ll get energy back. So that starts tomorrow. Let’s hope I can get myself in gear.

Right now the thought of buying anything just leaves me with a headache.

I will make it back to Buy, Buy Baby as they were helpful in my hour of need and that will not be forgotten. I just need energy to return, at least some of my daily energy would be a start. This going to bed at 8 PM is for old people. Tomorrow I am excited to go to the Florida Romance Writers monthly meeting and pretend I’m normal. I am excited to see people who are creative and hopefully spark my own energy back. (Last regular meeting was November I think and I was on deadline to get Mything The Throne edits out. I hardly had time then. So this time I intend to socialize while people get coffee– none for me.)