Secret Caress is out today

Initially I wrote this story for charity. I didn’t intend to write this in 2018 as this was something on the back burner to do in 2020. However when I was asked to donate a story for a charity set, I stopped and took a week to pen out this short novella. The editing was donated as well, so everything was free in order to help make money.

However the set ended and I was left with this story. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this right away. Even if I wanted to write out the California cousins, that wouldn’t fit the schedule right away. However this story was fun as it took place years ago. Mitch is alive. Peter, John and Victoria are children. Pilar is cleaning the house and it’s party night at the House of Morgan. So it was so much fun and you do get to see Mitch’s younger brother, Todd, who finds his wife. Andrea and Todd will have children that you’ll meet later, once I finish going through all of Mitch’s children. His death caused lots of internal drama for his many children.

Next week you’ll meet Gio… and start the Italian journey. Then next month you finally get Axel Morgan, the rock star/billionaire/child star’s romance… so stay tuned!!!! And I hope you enjoy this short novella for now.

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Andrea Garcia’s daughter has been kidnapped, and she’ll do anything to get her back.

After moving to Miami to start a new life, Andrea Garcia world turns upside down when disaster strikes. Her daughter is taken from the day care, and the kidnappers are demanding money she doesn’t have to give her back.

Billionaire Todd Morgan sits on various boards, but he’s always outmaneuvered by his brother. When he hears about Andrea’s plight, he offers his cash and security teams to help. For the first time in his life, he’s not just looking out for himself. In in helping Andrea, he’s found a purpose in life…but he’s also invited in a world of trouble.