Series redesign.









I’m clearly going through a redesign of the covers again. The reason in 2017 we changed from the original covers to an alternate version was BECAUSE of the fonts and not being able to read clearly the title on the phone. HOWEVER I missed the original look of the covers with the various Miami scenes and how they all looked so pretty visually. So I talked to another cover artist as she was having a sale about my dreams for this series. So we’re going back to the 2017 concepts BUT she’s making the fonts clear and she redid the logo for me the way I always liked.

It took us a while in January to agree to all the cover backgrounds. (A few had to change for everything to work.) But she’s already delivered the first two covers and promised to have one or two more this coming week. I’m so excited. In the meantime we left the cloud work behind though that’s still the print edition. And I put up the old school covers.

And what do you think about Secret Tryst? I have always been in love with the original cover and it killed me that I was advertising clouds when I had this on my computer. Soon it will look like the two above, so the fonts are clear and the concept is still there. I’m getting the best of both worlds now! And the designs are back but with easier to read fonts. So I wanted to share!!! What do you think? And I changed all the covers on all the retailers while we wait for the new with the clear fonts. (I know Nook is SLOW to change this month!!!)