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Matthew Aurelius planned on remaining a battle General for his career in Space. He worked hard all his life, sacrificed a personal life, and stayed focus. He kept himself away from love.

Rosemarie joined EarthSeekers to follow Marcus. Her parents started the program after exposing how humanity formed in the first place. She kept her crush silent, until one day when she bought make up.

Rosemarie put on the make up assuming that like all make up, it made a woman feel beautiful. She didn’t believe the story that this make up makes a man fall in love.


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Marine Captain Cross never saw the idealism of his shipmates. He felt Earth and humanity didn’t need to seek out some aliens who might have started humanity. He liked Earth as it was, and didn’t want to seek out new worlds in peace.

Peaceful exploration or colonialization made no sense to him, except that he might use his gun. After his family died, he wanted to shoot at something.

He never expected to make friends or a new life on his assigned Space Ship, the Zoastra. But despite himself, he now protects the idealistic people on his ship.