Skyfall, James Bond, Adam Levine, writing and Blake

Basic random blog on this weekend. Like many people, I lined up to see Skyfall. I love Daniel Craig’s Bond. Sean Connery started the trend 50 years ago, and my dad loves him. I grew up thinking Bond was cool, but unimportant. I skipped a few Bronson movies with bad plots. Then Casino Royale happened. And now Skyfall. Daniel Craig is amazing. Sign me up to have his children if he’s free and single (and not gay like the internet guesses.) I adore him and now appreciate the yumminess that is James Bond. 

Then I saw a commercial for the voice. A childhood friend mentioned the other day she’d take Adam. I read a blog today talking about how hot Adam Levine is. He’s cute and nice and all. I root for his people on the Voice. But he’s skinny and small. I’d break him in bed, and I don’t like sounding or thinking I’m unladylike, ever. In my head, I’m going ‘hell no, next.’ But what I don’t get on the Adam Levine bandwagon is that he’s sitting near Blake on the same show. Miranda is a lucky girl with a man who doesn’t look breakable. She found herself a strong man and I say good for her. I don’t lust for married men, but let’s just compare bodies for a second… Blake wins, hands down. Miranda has the winner. 

Oh and I am almost done editing my new novel. I want to send this out now. I’m slightly nervous though. In 50 more pages, I’ll have editted out the horrid first draft. It’s slightly controversial though, so my fingers are going to be crossed on Wednesday or Thursday when it’s ready to send. Speaking of writing, my local RWA gave me my ‘congrats for the first official publication’ gift. They made me relax and FRW is a great bunch of women. Image

This is me with the paperweight heart. Guess someone thought I was nice.