Slightly Oversensitive about nothing serious

I’m editing the Zoastra Affair, again. The book took me two years to write. It’s not like one of my contemporaries, which don’t get me wrong, I love writing and reading. But I know this world and how to keep myself going. I don’t have to imagine what a beach looks like. I know what that looks like and how the sand helps the bottom of your feet.

Growing up in Boston also gave me insight in how to drive in winter, and how much I hate shoveling.

But in a space adventure, I am not fast paced about it. It’s harder because it’s a whole new world.

So in the middle of rereading my novel, getting the cover, making silly youtube videos that make me laugh because it’s jarring, all helps motivate me. But when someone says something like ‘I don’t know how you write, you can never sit still.’ I get upset.

I do have lots of energy. And lots to say. I’m not the complete introvert in public, but it doesn’t mean I’m not one. It means when I’m alone, I’m still doing something. Once I realized that writing wasn’t just a release for me, and that I could write for others, I opened up a whole new experience for myself. I wish I knew this was my path so much sooner in life. I have law loans for school that I wish I didn’t have to pay.

But life is about learning our lessons and figuring out our next move. I’m certainly not perfect. But I do have ethics that I hold myself up. One is always treat people kindly. Even if the person says something silly and stupid. Sometimes, to me, that’s being defensive and when we’re defensive and say the wrong thing, walking away isn’t necessary.  Most of the time, people settle down when they realize you mean them no harm. However, this can lead me into trouble too, because I cannot stand clingers. It will make me bolt in the other direction in search of my own freedom. Or this can lead to be taken for a sucker, but this is much easier to deal with because, honestly, if someone values themselves, what others think doesn’t matter at all.

Anyhow I’m going back to work on this manuscript fix. Hope everyone has an awesome day.