Small Business Saturday

While my sister was out fighting people off with her shopping cart full of stuff at all hours of the night in search of the best deals around, I hide away in my home. Cat sat beside me and wrote. My WIP is 40K at the moment and I’m so impressed with that number for November. I can do Nanowrimo and have in the past. I am still on track to complete, but with contracts signed for the awesome cool contemporary world in which we live series of books I had extra projects. I reedited another manuscript that needed work before I even offered, so I revised in a short period of time. I read my New Years list of 2012 which is still hanging on my fridge, and realized my goal included one more short story. I finished that and sent it to my free lance editor, and somehow my work in progress is still moving along… thankfully.

Oh and I took Thanksgiving off entirely. Mom cooks great Turkey.

Yesterday when the Black Friday shoppers were running around, I continued this new novel. Plus I bought fabulous new covers for the older books in the series. Ramona knew how to help me out.

And this one

And I bought a third in the series for the upcoming short story which I’m not revealing yet. Goal for that book is January 1st, but it all depends on Brittiany Koren and her mad edit skills.

Oh how I wish I could share the contemporary cover with y’all for the February release with Corvallis Press, but I must wait for that one. Anyone who knows me, knows my voice is ultimately contemporary.

When I think of outer space I will forever think of Gene Roddenbury‘s Star Trek. He pitched the show to CBS as a Western in Space. It’s why when I read science fiction, I’ll often find myself bored. In Westerns I’m never bored, and when I write, I hope to tape into the positive creativity in this vein. I own up to my gender though and I’m a female, so we’ll add romance in the mix.

As you can see so much is happening with me. Wow this is my first post where I get to wish everyone “Happy Holidays!” I’ve been on a mission to buy personal friend’s books to read and review as a gift to them.

If you want to gift a writer, any writer, leave a review if you liked the book or novel.  It is small business Saturday. If you have a moment, think of the cool novels you read in the past year, and show the writer you appreciated the effort. I promise, you’ll make him or her happier during the holidays.

Anyhow love and virtual hugs to all.